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[sticky post] 55 Simple Rules for Debate in the Modern World

It’s my own fault really. Because I like to see different sides to an argument before making up my own mind (see Rule 9 below) then I am unfortunately exposed to comments from people whose opinions are badly argued, uninformed, prejudiced, immature and just plain stupid. And this does annoy me at times.

I like to think that the 55 rules below are ones that I at least try to stick to when commenting online. I wish other people would too, even though a few of my ‘rules’ are actually opinions. Some of the rules are not so much rules for debate, more rules you should live by if you want me to value your opinion. Put it this way, the more of my rules that you break, the less highly will I rate your opinion.

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Some miniatures I've painted

All are in 28mm scale. Photography by bunn. They're either characters from A Song of Ice and Fire or from my own roleplaying campaigns.

Melisandre. I'm pleased with how red she came out.

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Odd David Bowie Fact

Odd David Bowie fact. According to his biographer, the name of the character 'Major Tom' in Space Oddity and Ashes to Ashes was inspired by a poster for a local entertainer that David Bowie saw when a boy - Tom Major. That same Tom Major was the father of the former Prime Minister John Major.
Honestly. I was just scrolling around Google Maps, looking at a part of Wales I don't know very well. Basically, Wales has a pretty large and very empty area in the middle of it with few roads. I thought I'd have a look around using Streetview and was intrigued that the Streetview camera van seems to have gone up one road and then just stopped (and presumably turned around) without continuing on.

I wondered what could be so horrific that it would cause the Google Streetview van to flee in terror.

This is the location:

If you paste those coordinates into a Google search box, it will take you to the location I'm talking about. Click on the map. Drag the little yellow man to the blue line that ends just south of the bridge to switch to Streetview.

Then turn so that you're facing north.


Pluto Poll

Poll #2034217 Pluto Poll

Do you consider Pluto to be the ninth planet in the Solar System?

I went back to work today. I actually ended up working a fair number of hours last week because unfortunately January is the busiest time of the year for my most important client. In my previous job, where I got eight weeks holiday a year, I would take four of those weeks from Christmas and into January. Now that I work for myself, I don't get eight weeks. In fact last year I don't think I had two full weeks. Most of the holiday I had last year was either running a roleplaying campaign set in the east of Middle-earth in the Second Age or preparing for that campaign.

This Christmas I made an effort to do some creative stuff.

Most of the creative stuff is directly related to that same roleplaying campaign. First of all, a pair of maps (hand-drawn, using dip pen, assorted calligraphy and cartographical nibs and drawing ink and using handmade paper from Nepal). The first (of Numenor) is a direct copy of a Tolkien map, the second is of a non-canonical Numenorean colony in the east which I wanted to do in the same style.

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Song 36: Summer of '69, Bryan Adams

I'm just about old enough to remember when Bryan Adams was cool, something that I imagine anyone not well into their forties would struggle to believe was ever the case. But there was a Bryan Adams before that awful Robin Hood song that spent seemingly most of 1991 at number 1 in the charts. (I'm also old enough to remember when singles charts weren't just random dance acts and boy bands.)

And this was a damned good song. I really like the Bowling for Soup cover version too, but I've decided to present the original to you. Here's the video:

You may recognise the girl in the video as Lysette Anthony. She was quite the British starlet at the time. There was a sitcom with the bloke out of Boon and the woman who played Marjorie in To The Manor Born (the name of the sitcom escapes me) and she was also in a few historical dramas featuring young ladies in tight corsets breathing in and out a lot. The photographer David Bailey called her "The Face of the Eighties". Her career seems to have dried up since then and she's apparently been living on benefits in a grotty part of London.