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Phligm Phlagm Taxation Bollocks Special!

There has been so much utter bollocks spouted by uninformed commentators (many of whom unfortunately are senior politicians whose job it is to know about such things, even the Chief Secretary to the Treasury), that I’ve wanted to do a post on this subject for quite some time. But then I’ve read lots that are better than anything I’d write, so I thought I’d just do a special corporate taxation edition of Phligm Phlagm, mostly brought to you by king_pellinor (a Chartered Tax Adviser and Head of Tax for a firm of chartered accountants [k_p – feel free to provide the name of the firm if you want publicity and don’t if you don’t]) with the occasional insight from other, equally sound commentators.

It’s mostly corporate taxation, with a bit of personal thrown in for good measure.

Why does the word "tax" mean people abandon all logic and sense?

Uninformed commentary

Olympic tax breaks

More tax silliness

Google tax dodging

Is this unacceptable tax planning?

Starbucks and Google and so on

Ignore sales figures

Don't ignore sales


MPs have no clue whatsoever

Transfer pricing


Public Accounts Committee Report

What the PAC wants to do

"Revealed: the real identities behind Britain's secret property deals"

The previous article makes this story somewhat ironic (and more than a little hypocritical)...

One way to avoid tax and minimum pricing!

Oh, and my own Rule 25.

EDIT: And one more from today on Richard Murphy: