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Yet more White Dwarf

Issue 46
Ian Livingstone notes that WD now has more than 20,000 subscribers but that W.H.Smith still refuses to stock it. Dave Langford likes Mary Gentle's debut novel 'Golden Witchbreed'. Interesting additional government types for Traveller, by this guy: http://philmasters.blogspot.com/ . A letter from Graham Staplehurst does nothing more than slag off the competition, seemingly an effective way of asking for a job.
Thrud gets thrown down a pit "Luckily for Thrud, his head breaks the fall."

Issue 47
Up until eBay, this was the oldest issue of WD I owned. Advert for GW's fantasy boardgame 'Talisman'. A letter adds a PS "Could we see a regular spot for Warhammer?" Lew Pulsipher is still writing letters complaining about other people's articles. Irilian finishes with 'Darkrise on Irilian' complete with an excellent colour map of the city. Thrud encounters rival barbarian Croneman the Cimpletan and slices him down the middle, while the Travellers encounter that strips' version of Jabba the Hutt, 'Aftab the Greek' ("NOT AFTAB THE GREEK!").
Advert for Victory Games's 'James Bond 007' RPG.

Issue 48
Reviews include Starter Traveller and the AD&D moduules 'Dungeonland' and 'The Land Beyond the Magic Mirror'. These last two modules were basically Lewis Carroll meets AD&D. I have them both as .pdfs and they are silly rather than good. Dave Langford reviews Star Trek slash spoof 'Spock in Manacles'.
A letter from Marc Miller himself praising Issue 46's new government types for Traveller.

Issue 49
Reviews of the AD&D Monster Manual II, Fighting Fantasy books 'Starship Traveller' and 'City of Thieves' and the Traveller supplements 'Forms and Charts', 'Veterans' and 'Nomads of the World Ocean'. Photo of Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone playing a boardgame called 'Calamity' with Andrew Lloyd-Webber(!)

Issue 50
An article on red tape in Traveller by Garth Nix, now a pretty famous novelist. Reviews for the first batch of supplements for Middle-earth Role-Playing (MERP). The reviewer spells Tolkien as 'Tolkein'. Also, the 'Tarsus' boxed adventure for Traveller. The 50th issue is celebrated with AD&D stats for various WD characters like Gook, Thrud (17th level fighter) and Ian Livingstone ("AC8, due to thick skin"). Christine Ogden from West Yorkshire asks "...is it any wonder that there is a shortage of female players who may find it hard to relate to the stereotypes presented?"