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The Mountains of Madness

One for the Lovecraft fans out there:


"It was young Danforth who drew our notice to the curious regularities of the higher mountain skyline - regularities like clinging fragments of perfect cubes, which Lake had mentioned in his messages, and which indeed justified his comparison with the dreamlike suggestions of primordial temple ruins, on cloudy Asian mountaintops so subtly and strangely painted by Roerich. There was indeed something hauntingly Roerich-like about this whole unearthly continent of mountainous mystery. I had felt it in October when we first caught sight of Victoria Land, and I felt it afresh now. I felt, too, another wave of uneasy consciousness of Archaean mythical resemblances; of how disturbingly this lethal realm corresponded to the evilly famed plateau of Leng in the primal writings."


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Dec. 18th, 2009 10:12 pm (UTC)
There's also a James Follett radio play called Ice which I heard while doing the ironing few weeks back. (On Radio 7, originally broadcast 1986)


This involved the movement of the mountains setting huge amounts of ice sliding off the coast...

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