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I was feeling well off after getting lucky and getting pretty much the car I wanted for quite a lot less than I’d budgeted for.

I’ve now spent or am about to spend slightly more than the difference on a) upgrading the in-car entertainment system in the car and b) bookshelves.

The current ICE in the car is a simple head unit, six disc changer and four pretty ropey speakers. The new system will have a Pioneer double DIN (i.e. double height) head unit which can control my iPod and has satnav, two Alpine speakers in the front dash, large Jehnert speakers in custom door surrounds designed specifically for the 996 coupe, a Pioneer active subwoofer and an Alpine digital amp. Supply and installation by Plymouth Car Sound.

The bookshelves are for the games room. For those of you who have seen our ‘games room’* the bookshelves will cover all of the eastern wall (the one with the little side window in it) and the whole of the southern wall (the one with the dartboard) from floor to ceiling. This will allow me to move the RPG collection upstairs from the library and therefore free the library for other books. The shelving is to be provided and installed by B J Shelving. It’s the shelving that has gone over budget because I was only originally going to do the eastern wall and only up to the window at that. We’ll never need to buy shelving again, and when I can afford all those new Traveller products, I will have somewhere to put them.

In the more medium term (i.e. before September), we’ll be buying a sofa bed for the games room, but that’ll have to wait.


* In practice, the room where the dogs sleep.