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The Great Pendragon Campaign

For some time, the RPG collector in me has wanted to own 'The Great Pendragon Campaign', an epic campaign supplement for the Pendragon RPG that details everything that happens in that Arthurian setting from the days of Uther to Arthur's final battle. It mixes Malory characters with more of a realistic Dark Ages setting, which is probably how I like my Arthuriana.

Anyway, the problem has been that since this was a rare supplement, it fetches very high prices on eBay etc when one comes up. Currently, the cheapest used copy on Amazon is listed at more than £100. It's been available in downloadable .pdf format for a while, but I really wanted a book.

And now I've ordered one. You see, drivethrurpg.com now offers a print-on-demand service. So as well as buying and downloading the .pdf, I've also ordered a P-o-D softback copy. All for £40!