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Epic D&D eBay purchase thread

I've bought a lot of old and cheap D&D stuff on eBay recently.

A HELL of a lot of old and cheap D&D stuff. Most of it arrived this week while I was in Switzerland. There was so much piled up in the porch, I could barely get through the front door. Mostly for my own amusement, here's some thoughts on what I've acquired...

Fifty issues of Dragon magazine, the main D&D magazine, dating back to issue 135 in July 1988. Most of these were listed individually and I ended up as the only bidder, so with a low combined postage, I got them for 70p each.

Three issues of Imagine magazine. While Dragon was published by TSR in the US, Imagine was published by the UK branch. Interestingly Imagine's film and book reviewer in 1985 was an aspiring short story author called Neil Gaiman. Highly amusing is the way that Gaiman's review style is so much like Dave 'Ansible' Langford's (at that time doing the same job for Imagine's great rival 'White Dwarf').

A job lot of 12 copies of Challenge magazine (although I already had a handful of these). GDW's SF RPG magazine that covered Traveller and mostly other GDW games like Twilight 2000 and Dark Conspiracy.

AD&D First Quest. An odd boxed 'introductory' RPG that features an audio CD "featuring over 60 minutes of digitally recorded soundtracks". So this was an easy, "Introduction to Role-Playing Games" that nevertheless used the _Advanced_ Dungeons & Dragons branding rather than basic Dungeons & Dragons. You can see how people got confused...

Dungeon Tiles Master Set. 25mm scale dungeon floor plans for using with miniatures. Comes in a nice big box that in itself is a 25mm floor plan.

The City of Greyhawk boxed set. Loads of useful maps and short adventures set in the city at the centre of D&D's oldest game world.

Forgotten Realms City System boxed set. Much the same as CoG, except that the city is Waterdeep, in the Forgotten Realms setting. Particularly good building maps, which will come in handy.

Dragonlance Adventures. 1st edition AD&D hardback. The first Dragonlance sourcebook. Nice Jeff Easley cover.

Savage Baronies. Boxed set detailing part of the Red Steel setting, which seems vaguely hispanic and has ornate pistols, but about which I otherwise know little.

The Principalities of Glantri. One of the D&D Gazetteer series. Glantri is a country ruled by odd wizards it seems. Unfortunately I was outbid on the complete one, so had to settle for the one without the foldout map.

The Kingdom of Ierendi. Another D&D Gazetteer. Southern islands (which again may come in handy). Also has a simple D&D naval combat system.

Van Richten's Guide to Ghosts and Van Richten's Guide to Vampires. Sourcebooks for the Ravenloft gothic horror setting.

Campaign Guide to Myth Drannor and Myth Drannor Adventures, which I think are from a Forgotten Realms Myth Drannor boxed set.

Moonshae. Supplement covering the vaguely celtic / vaguely faerie bit of the Forgotten Realms.

The Rogues Gallery. Astonishingly good condition for an AD&D product from 1980. Possibly the condition is explained by the fact that the supplement (a very basic list of NPC statistics) probably wasn't very useful.

Dawn of the Emperors. A boxed set from the same Mystara world as the gazetteer series, covering the two major empires of that setting. I used to own this set, and it provided much of the wider background for the AD&D campaign I ran when I was in the sixth form. It's nice to get hold of it again, especially as I got it much cheaper than its usual eBay price. Bizarrely, it includes two copies of the three main books, which is something of a bonus.


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May. 20th, 2011 10:52 pm (UTC)
There's more...

Draconomicon. Forgotten Realms dragons supplement from the 2nd edition days. Not a patch on the later 3rd edition product of the same name.

The Shady Dragon Inn. Pregenerated D&D characters. Dates from the time of plastic D&D action figures, so you get stats for Strongheart (tm) the Paladin and his friends.

D&D Companion Set. I wrote about this the other day.

Edited at 2011-05-20 11:33 pm (UTC)
May. 20th, 2011 11:33 pm (UTC)
D&D adventures:

Child's Play. A really odd idea this one - it's designed for beginning players and DMs, but for characters of levels 13 to 15!

TSR Jam 1999. Short scenario collection from the days of AD&D 2.5 (the black and red books).

The Witch of Loch-Durnan. Decently presented if somewhat uninspiring looking d20 adventure from 2002.

Rage of the Rakasta. "Samurai Cat-Men". What more could you want from an introductory scenario?

The Forge of Fury. Traditional dungeon crawl from 2000.

Master of the Desert Nomads. Expert D&D adventure. Exactly what I was talking about the other day - what looks to be a very good scenario that many 'Advanced' DMs will have ignored because it was for D&D rather than AD&D.

The Ruins of Undermountain. The classic Forgotten Realms dungeon crawl. Not that Forgotten Realms generally goes in for old-fashioned dungeon crawls. Really huge fold-out colour maps - arguably too huge in fact, because it would be difficult to conceal them from the players. I like a good dungeon though.

Quest for the Silver Sword. Introductory D&D dungeon crawl with 25mm scale colour floor plans.

Horror on the Hill. Basic D&D dungeon crawl.

The Lost City. Another Basic D&D dungeon crawl.

Deep Horizon. High level dungeon crawl with bat-people.

Nightmare Keep. Super high level (18-20!) Forgotten Realms dungeon crawl. This is one of a small number of D&D and AD&D modules regarded as infamous for being so hard. (Tomb of Horrors is the really famous example of this.)

Into the Dragon's Lair. Pretty ordinary looking but quite lengthy high level Forgotten Realms adventure. Features a traditional chainmail bikini.

For Duty and Deity. High level Forgotten Realms scenario about recovering a lost goddess from the Abyss. I like the concept of the 'River of Salt'.

Storm Riders, Black Courser, Blood Charge. A trilogy of scenarios set east of the main Forgotten Realms area in what George R.R. Martin fans would clearly identify as Dothraki country.

Mordenkainen's Fantastic Adventure. Publication of a scenario from the original Greyhawk campaign that Gary Gygax created with Robert Kuntz.

The Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun. Another Greyhawk adventure.

Lost Tomb of Martek. Last in the Desert of Desolation trilogy. This trilogy was later released in a compilation volume, and I'm bidding on a copy right now.

Beyond the Crystal Cave. The first scenario produced by TSR's British branch (hence the product code 'UK1'). According to wikipedia, unusual for being mostly non-violent. Looks like an interesting adventure.

Palace of the Silver Princess. Basic D&D dungeon crawl. This is a copy with a green cover not the original, rare and very valuable orange cover. The official story is that the original version was withdrawn because of an interior illustration featuring a female PC being threatened by monsters which was considered to be a bit near the knuckle. The alternative story is that the offensive illustration was actually one of a three-headed monster whose faces bore an uncanny resemblance to TSR's three directors...

May. 20th, 2011 11:47 pm (UTC)
Non-D&D stuff:

Vlad the Impaler, Blood Prince of Wallachia. Semi-historical d20 sourcebook and adventure about Vlad the Impaler. By the people who did the excellent Last Days of Constantinople. Since Vlad was quite possibly at the Siege of Constantinople, this works as a sequel of sorts.

Mordred - The Fall and Rise of Camelot. By the same company that did Vlad the Impaler. Twist on the Arthurian setting in which Mordred is the reforming good guy.

The Great Pendragon Campaign. I blogged about this the other day.

Western City. Really odd indie Western RPG where there is no GM. Haven't read this enough to work out how that works.

Reign of Discordia. Traveller campaign book, but not in the official Traveller universe. Mongoose, one of the current Traveller publishers, allow licensees to create 'Traveller-compatible' products which use the rules but not the setting. This creates big problems for Traveller completists like me.

Star Wars RPG core rulebook. I've never been that interested in either running or playing in a Star Wars RPG, but one of the eBay sellers that I was buying from had a copy for sale and I got a mint copy on a low bid. Very high production values.

Golden Heroes. Games Workshop superhero RPG. The best bit is rolling randomly to see what powers your superhero has.

SkyRealms of Jorune. Recent reissue of classic science fantasy setting. Very unusual art style from Miles Teves - SF in a renaissance style.

The Compendium of Contemporary Weapons. Stats for real-world guns and stuff.

Grimtooth's Traps and Grimtooth's Traps Too. Two books of dungeon traps. Probably a bit silly and certainly easy to over-do.
May. 21st, 2011 07:03 am (UTC)
If I remember correctly the Star Wars RPG has, halfway through the book, an Imperial Navy recruitment poster which was based on the Royal Navy recruitment adverts of the 80's.
May. 21st, 2011 11:04 am (UTC)
That might be an earlier edition (the West End one was it?). This is a Wizards of the Coast edition.
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