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Christian organic farmer behind massacre

Here's what is being reported about Anders Behring Breivik, in no particular order:

Right-wing extremist
Christian fundamentalist
Former member of the Progress Party
No criminal record
Licensed gun owner
Organic farmer*
Economic liberal
Cultural conservative
Revolutionary cultural conservative
Plays World of Warcraft
Plays Modern Warfare 2
Uses social media
Admires Winston Churchill
Admires Max Manus (a hero of the Norwegian resistance against the Nazis in WW2)
Admires Geert Wilders
Quotes John Stuart Mill
Praised the rejection of anti-Jewish views
Son of an economist and a nurse
Parents divorced when he was one
Did online courses in small business management
Former soldier
Intelligent at school
Often took care of schoolmates who were being bullied

What's my point? Well, which of those factors I list above do you think will be picked out by the press? Do you think they'll paint a picture of a Christian organic farmer who admires people who fought against the Nazis, took care of schoolmates who were being bullied and has spoken out against anti-Israeli racism?

Or will he be depicted as a fundamentalist, a right-wing extremist who admires racist politicians, a gun owner and a player of violent computer games?

* Apparently he set up this business as a front to allow him to buy fertiliser in bulk to make bombs with. Wouldn't setting up a non-organic farming business have provided better cover...?