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Bubba Smith has died

Former NFL lineman Bubba Smith has died. Smith was a defensive lineman for the Baltimore Colts and later the Raiders and the Houston Oilers in the late 60s and 70s. He was a good player in the NFL, but in college he was a dominant player, and this is almost why he is important in the history of American football.

Smith grew up in Texas, and was an outstanding high school player. He should have been heavily recruited by the big colleges in Texas, and he particularly wanted to play for the University of Texas. He even went so far as to call the head coach. But they wouldn't give him a scholarship - because he was black. In those days, most universities in the south were still segregated. And they didn't give scholarships to black kids.

So Smith went north to Michigan State and was the best college defensive lineman of his day. And it became increasingly obvious that the southern universities could not hope to compete at a national level without proper integration.

So you see, that is why Bubba Smith is a very important player in the history of American Football.

And how did the BBC website report this story?

"Police Academy actor Bubba Smith dies".

Words fail me.