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More Phligm Phlagm

World goal of the season contender from (of all places) Bolivia

"The Apple Boycott: People Are Spouting Nonsense about Chinese Manufacturing"

This house is up for sale and is quite close to where we live (in fact we sometimes walk the dogs nearby). Tempting, but moving is such a hassle. Oh, and we'd have to increase the mortgage ever so slightly. The seller is environmentalist and politician Zac Goldsmith.

I think David Milliband has given up hope of ever being Labour leader.

It's more than a little unfair to blame Obama for the US national debt or even the vast increase in it.

The shocking poverty that this family of nine (yes NINE!) would be reduced to with the proposed cap on benefits. I mean they'd have to stop spending £32 a WEEK on mobile phones, cut down on the tobacco and booze and maybe even think about a cheaper Sky package...

How to illuminate your PC. I've done this. Hell, I did this with an Orac-style transparent case once.

"Germany's meteorology institute allows the sponsorship of weather systems." What!? Am I the only that thinks that's a bit odd? And it#s rather unfortunate that BMW chose to sponsor a weather system that's killed 150 people so far...

Kate Green MP has managed to get 'Top Totty' ale banned from the House of Commons bar. I wonder how she'd feel about this beer from Macedonia.

Steam / XBox Live -style achievements for tech support workers

Astonoshingly over-the-top preparations by role-playing GMs. I say "astonishingly over-the-top", but some of them sounded all-too-familiar...

Our friendly local zookeeper on that story about the lion eating the owl.


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Feb. 4th, 2012 08:41 am (UTC)
I love the nerdy GMs! I can't say I have ever translated things into Old Norse or calculated a Foucault's Pendulum. I did write a game system, setting and an introductory story for one game (Starbutts) but didn't bother making the star systems astronomically plausible...
Feb. 4th, 2012 09:29 am (UTC)
I read the "Astonishingly over-the-top preparations by role-playing GMs" bit, and thought, "Hmm, pot, kettle, colour-imbalance ... " Then I read the next bit, "I say ' astonishingly over-the-top', but some of them sounded all-too-familiar... ", and thought, "Ah, yes, he does realise what he has said ... "
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