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Phligm Phlagm Special Egotism Edition

I thought I’d do something a little different with this Phligm Phlagm post. Instead of using links grabbed from Twitter or andrewducker, I thought I’d put up links to some of my own favourite LiveJournal posts. And by that I mean ones that I wrote.

Sort of a ‘Phlegmatic Greatest Hits’, or at least a ‘The Best of Philmo Phlegm’ compilation.


I don’t post about sport as often as I’d perhaps like to, simply because I don’t think there are that many sports fans on my friends list, or on LiveJournal in general. (Livejournal, where an interest in football or cars is weird, but paedophile wish-fulfilment fan fiction is almost mainstream…) But I do sometimes:

My first post about the Michael Vick dog-fighting case, before this had reached the attention of the mainstream media.

A short post about England's best ever footballer (whom most people have never heard of).

A sad history of my hometown football club. Sad because they'd just been relegated from teh Football League. (Although they might come back up this season.)

The single greatest (well, funniest at least) headline in the history of sports journalism.

You’re Hired!

I do post about ‘You’re Hired!’ because, well, because I’m actually very proud of it.

Here's the very first post, just after the first ever heat in 2007.

...and the second heat, which is when I first became 100% convinced that this was going to be something good and meaningful.

Building towards the first final.

And a review of the first final.

'Making an impact' and why schools need to teach it.

Silly stuff

My brilliant idea for what is sure to be a bestselling picture book.

For when you can't think what to post about: The Random LJ Article Generator (d30 required)

One of the finest traditions of British journalism - the 'Only pretty girls get good A-levels' photograph.


Interesting discussion on attitudes to acceptable business dress for women.

Interesting discussion on how much men spend on suits… and follow-up poll.

My favourite accountancy joke.

Economics and similar stuff

Remembering the time three and a half years ago when Porsche was the largest company in the world. Sort of.

Murphy's Rules and government guesstimates about illegal downloads

Explaining opportunity cost...with a question... ...and an answer.

A little bit more about opportunity cost.

The different types of macroeconomist.

A Keynesian Experimentpart two... and the explanation of what this has to do with economics and share prices.

Computers and gaming

Nostalgia about Sinclair User magazine.

The Domesday Project and the problem with proprietary 'standards'.


The Genre Fiction book meme


How to use a spreadsheet to work out what cars you can afford. (...with chart!)


Thoughts following the 2009 European Parliament and local council elections

My advice for the main political parties before the last general election.

"Who gets the best jobs?"

Politics and economics in lightbulb joke format


Death Awareness

55 Simple Rules for Debate in the Modern World

Role-playing games

Thoughts on making RPG combat more interesting.


Feb. 20th, 2012 06:29 pm (UTC)
No I haven't. Thanks for that - it definitely bears further investigation!