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Song 3 - 'Rhiannon'

If this is going to be a run down of my 100 favourite songs, then it may well include quite a few Fleetwood Mac songs. This is, after all, my favourite band.

The first Mac album I owned (I think I bought it from Boots in Wrexham, back when Boots had a music and games section) was the green Greatest Hits album. You still see this album around, often when HMV is having a sale, and I'm guessing that it must be one of the most consistently selling albums of the last 20 years. (900,000 sales in the UK, says wikipedia.)

As a more dedicated fan now, I can criticise the album for supposedly being a 'Fleetwood Mac Greatest Hits' album, when it is in fact only the greatest hits of the Fleetwood/McVie/McVie/Buckingham/Nicks lineup, which at that time was only five studio albums. So you won't find the band's biggest UK hit 'Albatross' (UK number 1 in 1969 and number 2 in 1973), or other hit singles 'Man of the World' (UK number 2) or 'Oh Well' (UK number 2), but you will find stuff like Rhiannon, which only ever made it to number 46 in the UK singles chart.

Which isn't to say that 'Rhiannon' doesn't deserve a place on a 'Best of' Fleetwood Mac album, just that it wasn't itself a "hit".

Rhiannon is the first song on the album and so was the first Fleetwood Mac song that I heard that I didn't already know. I bought the album mostly on the basis of 'Little Lies' and 'Everywhere' (and to a lesser extent 'Big Love') which were getting lots of radio airplay at the time. And as soon as I heard Rhiannon, I knew I liked this band.

I imagine that, when written, 'Rhiannon' sounded like quite an exotic name to Stevie Nicks. There might not be many of them in Aspen, Colorado, which is where she was living when she wrote it. Where I grew up, in North Wales, it's a very common name. There were two of them in my class in school.

There are lots of different versions of the song. My favourite is this one, from 'The Dance' live album and DVD. Just like chainmailmaiden, I'm a sucker for a nice intro.



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Feb. 15th, 2015 10:44 am (UTC)
Will You Ever Win
In Canada this was in the top 10... if memory serves me right it's either was in the top five, I think 2 or 3. *goes to check wiki* Ah, it hit the 4th spot. Also, it was known as Rhiannon (Will You Ever Win).
Feb. 17th, 2015 06:29 pm (UTC)
Re: Will You Ever Win
Didn't know that!
Feb. 17th, 2015 07:25 pm (UTC)
Re: Will You Ever Win
So, I guess it earned it's spot in the Greatest Hits for being a big hit in the Great White North. ;)
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