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Song 14, 'The Chain', Fleetwood Mac

OK, probably time for another Mac anthem. This was never really a single, just an album track (albeit from one of the best selling albums ever, 'Rumours'). In most of the world, it's not that well known except to Mac fans (it's a live favourite). In the UK though, it's probably their best known song, even if most people have probably only ever heard the last two minutes or so. Nothing to do with music, everything to do with Formula 1. There are lots of songs to play "air guitar" too. And you can do that with The Chain. However, it's more fun if you play "air bass".

This fantastic live version is taken from 1979, a time when Lindsey has decided that the Rumours era afro was a bad idea...



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Aug. 9th, 2013 06:40 am (UTC)
Oh that's a fantastic version. I didn't know the song at all and only really knew Fleetwood Mac from the Tango in the Night era till in a fit of nostalgia I tried a greatest hits album, and The Chain and Go Your Own Way went straight to iPod. I really ought to look out some more of their '70s stuff.
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