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Went all the way to east London yesterday to see Fleetwood Mac play the last UK show of their current world tour. This might conceivably be the last chance I get to see Fleetwood Mac in concert (it's my fourth time). After all, Mick Fleetwood is now 66. It's almost definitely the last time I'll see them with Christine McVie in the line-up - she came out of retirement to do one song in the encore ('Don't Stop' - ironically, as I write this, the John Lewis Home Insurance advert has just come on, with a cover version of the same song. The original is definitely better though.) for this show and the previous night's. Since this is clearly my favourite band of all time, now seems as good a time as any to add some more entries to my list of my favourite 100 songs.

Great performance all round. Lindsey was really on form, especially the following song and the third one I'm going to show you.

'Big Love' was a single from the 'Tango in the Night' album. You might even remember it (number 9 in the UK). But in its original form probably better as an MTV video track (very expensive, but also now very dated video) than a live song. However, more recently, Lindsey Buckingham has taken to doing a fantastic solo acoustic version that really shows off his Bluegrass-inspired guitar style (finger-plucking). This is the version he did last night, and the version I'm going to show you here as number 18 in my top 100.

There's been a lot of talk about the anniversary of the Rumours album this year (35th anniversary, reissued box set, Glee episode...), so which album did they choose to highlight in the set list? Tusk. The famously commercially unsuccessful (relatively speaking) follow-up. This was great because it meant they played some songs that they haven't done live in ages - 'Not that Funny', 'Sara' and 'Sister of the Moon'. That last song is my second favourite Stevie Nicks song (after 'Rhiannon'), and as Miss Nicks announced, was a song they haven't performed live since 1980. And thanks to the wonders of YouTube, I can bring you that 1980 performance as number 19 in my list of 100 favourite songs:

'Stand Back' is actually from a Stevie Nicks solo album, but it's been a feature of Fleetwood Mac live sets for a long time now, and it's one of my favourite live Mac songs. They did it again last night. Song 20. They didn't do the bongo intro last night though, which I think was a bit of a shame.

'Go Your Own Way' is always a good song at Mac concerts, one that the audience usually sing along to. Last night was no exception. I give you song number 21. The video is a bootleg video but it's pretty good quality and it's from the Boston leg of this tour, so it's pretty much how they played it last night.

I mentioned that Christine McVie came on to do 'Don't Stop' as one of the three encore songs (the other two, if you're interested were perennial live favourite 'Silver Springs' and the very sweet Stevie /Lindsey duet 'Say Goodbye' from the last album). I'm not going to give you Don't Stop as song 22 though. Instead, I'm going to give you a song that Christine McVie always used to sing solo at Fleetwood Mac concerts - 'Songbird', because it's just such a pretty song. This 1997 concert is I think the last time before this week that she sang with the band.



Sep. 29th, 2013 08:44 am (UTC)
I do like that bongos intro, although I can see that not every bongo player would be up to holding the spotlight like that!

I was a little sad to miss this, they are a great live band.