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Aug. 5th, 2015 12:28 pm (UTC)
Enjoyed the 3D article but had a couple of thoughts. First is, I've felt 'dizzy' at a 3D movie, but only used that term due to appropriate lack of context. When I got an ear infection and had real dizziness that had me walking into walls when I tried to walk in a straight line, I down-graded the 3D sensation to 'nausea'. So there may be a lot of language choice of the punters that needs to be analysed before anyone can decide what is really dizziness and what is not.

Secondly, years back I had to chat to a scientist who worked on animal visual systems and he pointed me at several useful articles on optic flow. Optic flow is the OTHER method your brain uses for calculating 3D. In fact, it is the main one you use for not walking into walls, not dying in a multiple car pile-up on the motorway and so on. You measure how quickly objects flick out of view in your peripheral vision. Optic Flow doesn't take much brain processing power compared to Stereoscopic Vision.

So stereoscopy is only used for stuff like hand to eye coordination. You can't process the information fast enough to use stereoscopy to not crash into the person ahead of you on the pavement when you are out for a jog.

So, all those movies are throwing "out for a jog" and "multiple pile-up on the motorway" images at you, but expecting your brain to use the wrong type of processing to deal with them! I'm not surprised some folk get headaches. :-)
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