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1,000 Years of Football Manager

In Football Manager, it is possible to take a holiday from the game and leave it simulating in the background. I've done this myself a few times - usually when I'm about to start on the new year's edition, but I want to quickly see how my old team(s) get on for the next couple of seasons in my absence.

This guy did the same thing, only he simulated not one, not two, but 1,000 seasons, from 2014 to 3015. It took his computer 58 days to do that.

FM is remarkably realistic over the short term, but simulating 1,000 years is bound to throw up some events which seem unlikely now. For example:

  • Sheffield United were the most successful club.

  • It took Holland until 2586 to win their first World Cup (and to think Skinner and Baddiel complained about "thirty years of hurt"...)

  • Lincoln from Gibraltar played 740 games in the Europa League over the course of the millennium and failed to win any of them.

  • In 1,000 years, Portsmouth (in the Premier League as recently as 2010) managed just one season in the Premier League.

  • Chelsea won the first Premier League title of the simulation, but that was their last title for over 900 years.

  • The Metropolitan Police won the FA Cup, and have a 50,000 seat stadium.

  • Everton didn't.

  • Bromley FC (current stadium capacity: 6,000) have an 86,000 seat stadium.

  • Both Celtic and Red Bull Salzburg have stadiums seating more than 600,000 spectators.


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Aug. 4th, 2015 08:42 pm (UTC)
In a 600,000-plus seat stadium, how many can actually see the game?
Aug. 4th, 2015 08:50 pm (UTC)
I'm assuming some sort of cybernetic vision enhancements...

More to the point, where does everyone park their flying cars and hoverboards?
Aug. 5th, 2015 07:49 am (UTC)
And then there's the queue for the gents ...
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