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Quiz round 11: Video Games Picture Round

Name the game. No bonus mark for question 10.



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Oct. 27th, 2015 12:08 am (UTC)
1. Pac-Man
2. Candy Crush
4. Tomb Raider
7. Grand Theft Auto V
8. Half-Life 2
9. Bioshock: Infinite
Oct. 27th, 2015 06:28 am (UTC)
1. Tetris
2. Candy Crush
3. Elite
4. Tomb Raider
5. Football Manager
6. Crystal Caves
7. Grand Theft Auto
8. Halo
9. Assasins Creed
10. Skyrim
Oct. 27th, 2015 11:01 am (UTC)
1. Pacman
2. Candy Crush Saga?
3. Elite
4. Tomb Raider
6. Donkey Kong?
Oct. 27th, 2015 12:57 pm (UTC)
1. Pacman
2. Is that what Candy Crush Saga looks like? I've never seen it, but I'll go with it since the picture has sweets in it.
3. Elite
4. Tomb Raider
5. I'm guessing that's Football Manager

... and then it all falls apart...
Oct. 27th, 2015 07:34 pm (UTC)
Candy Crush
Tomb raider
Football Manager
Manic Miner
Oct. 28th, 2015 01:48 pm (UTC)
Don't play videogames so some guesses here
1. Pac man
2. no idea - tetris with fruit?
3. Elite. My brother had this
4. Whoa - was Lara Croft that blocky? Tombraider.
5. no idea - football manager?
6. no idea - maybe the one with the worm? Earthworm Jim???
7. no idea - grand theft auto?
8. no idea
9. no idea
10. I think the woman might be Bayonetta (and I only know that from a blog pouring scorn on her body form) but have no idea what game she is from.
Oct. 31st, 2015 05:41 pm (UTC)
Is it time to reveal the answers?
Oct. 31st, 2015 09:10 pm (UTC)
Yes, it probably is.
Oct. 31st, 2015 09:52 pm (UTC)
The answers:

1. Pacman
2. Candy Crush Saga
3. Elite
4. Tomb Raider
5. Football Manager 2015 (I gave the point even without the year)
6. Manic Miner
7. Grand Theft Auto V (you needed the V to get the full point)
8. Half-Life 2
9. Bioshock Infinite
10. Bayonetta
Nov. 10th, 2015 09:35 pm (UTC)
1. Pacman
2. Must be Candy Crush
3. Elite! I never got to Elite :-( Though I got damn good at docking :-) Pelago tended to use the automatic option which I felt was cheating :-)
4. Tomb Raider. Blimey, looks a lot less realistic than I remembered it at the time. Suspect the same would be true of Alone in the Dark et al :-)
5. Okay, that has to be Football Manager :-)
6. Manic Miner! Aaaand now I'm earwormed with Hall of the Mountain King :-)
7. And it was all going so well. 7-10, I got nuthin'. Clear demonstration of how my opportunities to sit down with a good videogame have dried up in the last decade-plus. Now if you'd included games the boys like to play: Minecraft, Plants vs. Zombies, Skylanders...
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