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Quiz results time!

I've put the answers for each round as a comment in the original question posts, so go there to see what the answers were.

The winners of each round were as follows:

Film & TV: ladyofastolat
Literature: ladyofastolat, wellinghall, woodpijn (tie)
Geography: wellinghall
Sport: I'm tempted to say that nobody won this round since the highest score was a pathetic 2, but: wellinghall
Toys & Games: prester_scott, king_pellinor (tie)
History: ladyofastolat (with a perfect 10 - guess that Oxford history degree comes in useful occasionally huh?)
Baking: ladyofastolat, wellinghall, woodpijn (tie)
Science & Nature: king_pellinor
Last Words: prester_scott, ladyofastolat
Book Adaptations picture round: ladyofastolat, eledonecirrhosa, both with a perfect 10
Video Games picture round: king_pellinor

The top three overall behind the cut:

1st Overall: ladyofastolat
2nd Overall: king_pellinor
3rd Overall: wellinghall

Best answer of the entire quiz:
Gavrilo Princip is commonly blamed for starting which historical event?:
ozisim: "The Horus Heresy"



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Nov. 1st, 2015 08:26 am (UTC)
Thank you for the answers, for the results, and for the quiz itself!
Nov. 1st, 2015 02:05 pm (UTC)
Seconded. It was good fun.
Nov. 1st, 2015 02:25 pm (UTC)
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