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Song 28: Mabel Normand, Stevie Nicks

This is a Stevie Nicks solo song and really quite an obscure one. It's hidden away on her 24 Karat Gold album which is mostly obscure, never previously released stuff. Mabel Normand was a silent movie star, comedienne, director, producer and then studio owner and probably one of the most famous women in America in the 1910s. To give you some idea, the first film in which Charlie Chaplin played his tramp character was 'Mabel's Strange Predicament', but her later life story after that is a sad one. She was involved in two separate criminal scandals, her career declined as the silent era ended and she died in her 30s of TB.

Since it's an obscure song, I don't have an official video or live performance to share with you. However, I did find this really rather good fan video on YouTube which features Miss Normand herself.