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Once upon a time I used to listen to the radio. Nowadays, I own more music and the invention of the iPod Classic* means I can carry all of it with me in the car, so I never listen to music on the radio except on those occasions when my car is in for service and Porsche Exeter have loaned me some spiffing new Porsche with a hi-fi that lacks the ability to plug in an mp3 player. (Seriously Porsche? I can manage without intermittent rear wipe**, but not being able to plug an mp3 player into the hi-fi would be a dealbreaker for me if I was choosing between say a brand new 911, or something like an Aston or a high-end Jag or an Audi R8.)

Anyway, back in that relatively short period of my life when I did listen to the radio, I mostly listened to a selection of local FM stations and flicked between them when crap songs came on. At that time, a song that lots of them would play that I did like was this one. In fact, it turned me into something of a Bruce Hornsby fan, and I have bought most of his stuff since then as soon as it came out.

(Warning for viewers of a nervous disposition: There are some truly terrible hairstyles in this video, not least Bruce's.)

* Which Apple has now stopped making. Which means that it is no longer possible to fit all of my music and audiobooks collection onto a single device compatible with the amp in my car, or at least it won't be if and when my iPod Classic dies. Harumph.

** Which my car lacks because apparently it was a £250 option on my car which the original owner thought better of.