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Song 34: Going Home, Dire Straits

This was part of the soundtrack for the film 'Local Hero', written by Mark Knopfler and a regular part of Dire Straits' set after that. Local Hero is a nice little film early 80s film starring, among others, Burt Lancaster, the bloke who played Wedge in Star Wars, Mrs Michael Winner Jenny Seagrove and the bloke who played Mr Mackay in Porridge. Most importantly though, it's the film that gave the young Peter Capaldi his big break:

It was also Mark Knopfler's first film soundtrack and this is the most famous piece of music from it. Still played whenever Newcastle United players come out at the start of each match.

And in this particular performance, you get a special bonus British rock guitar god. In fact, as well as Mr Knopfler, you get the original British rock guitar god: