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Some miniatures I've painted

All are in 28mm scale. Photography by bunn. They're either characters from A Song of Ice and Fire or from my own roleplaying campaigns.

Melisandre. I'm pleased with how red she came out.

This monster is an Otyugh. Or is it a Neo-Otyugh? I forget the difference.

Queen Cersei takes a walk in the garden. In Baratheon green.

Black dragon.

Daenerys emerges from the flames with her newly hatched dragons,

Palwg and the Dragon. I'm particularly pleased by the stripy trousers. Palwg was  king_pellinor's character in one of my campaigns - a barbarian jester.

Uvatha the Horselord. This miniature is actually a character with a completely different name who seems to be a big deal in the new version of Warhammer, 'Age of Sigmar'. I'm really pleased with the paint job. I say "paint", but a lot of the painting was actually done with ink rather than paint. It's ink that accounts for the very shiny gold armour (but not the copper of the beast's scales, which is paint) and the shiny silkiness of his cloak (black ink on a black undercoat). I prefer this look to that of the 'non-metallic metallics' trend where painters use complex shading to achieve a metallic-like effect.

Hoarmurath, King of Dir

Sandor Clegane. I'm pleased with three things with this paint job. The first is the somewhat battered looking shield (gold ink brushed away). The second is the notched sword. And the third is the Hound's burn - I think I got the colour just right.

Sarjjat of Ul, Priest-King of Ib-Narad. This is the sort of miniature I probably like painting the least - lots of fiddly detail, and the casting is somewhat clumsy. I find Citadel Miniatures to be just altogether 'thicker' than the best manufacturers, especially Dark Sword. Most of the best miniatures here (including all of the Ice and Fire ones) are Dark Sword Miniatures.

Ser Jaime Lannister, Lord Commander of the Kingsguard. This perfectly illustrates my point about the quality of Dark Sword Miniatures. Just look at the subtle facial details in the casting.


Jan. 24th, 2016 12:26 pm (UTC)
I feel that there must be a door somewhere in Uvatha the Horselord's armour, so he can get out of it. There's no way someone with a face that small could climb off that thing wearing it.