philmophlegm (philmophlegm) wrote,

Morkai Gate

The RPG campaign I'm currently running is an epic fantasy set in the Second Age in the far-east of Middle-earth. And since large-scale battles are an important feature of Tolkien's works, large-scale battles are an important feature of this roleplaying campaign.

Now while most fantasy wargamers use 28mm scale, that's far too big to look right for a big battle. (Unless you have a truly enormous space). So we use 6mm scale, in which a typical human figure is 6mm high.

This year, without giving too many spoilers to my players, the battle may well feature the castle which guards the only easy entrance to the mountain province of Angren. This is the Morkai Gate.

So, in my first ever work along these lines, I have made a 6mm model of the Morkai Gate.

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