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PETA wrote to Games Workshop to ask them to remove plastic and metal fur garments from their plastic and metal miniatures. (I can’t decide if this was clever PR on PETA’s part or another example of them doing something that will only make people ridicule them.)

27 MPs voted in favour of a referendum on EU membership and then voted to ignore the result. Here’s a list of them. If one of them is your MP, please vote for someone else (anyone else really) at the next election.

Russians drink a lot of vodka. The USSR also wasn't the most environmentally conscious of countries. But at Ussuri Bay near Vladivostok, that seems to have worked out quite well.

Refreshingly Radioactive? The Wild History of Energy Drinks

These Game of Thrones pens are rather nice. Personally, I’d want the Targaryen fountain pen.

The 80s D&D cartoon series played like an actual D&D game

New Doctor Who should be a Dalek, say Daleks

A(nother) new low for campus craziness

This Hitler Nonsense...

Guess which corrupt leftie is a friend of struck-off tank chasing ex-lawyer Paul Shiner?

It's unfortunate when the early edition of the local newspaper of one of the teams in the Super Bowl has to go to press when they're losing 28-3 with only 17 minutes left to play, but I guess you have to go ahead and print... (Final score: 28-34, biggest comeback in Super Bowl history and tied for the fifth biggest comeback in any game in the NFL’s 96 year history.)

Hans Rosling has died.

Really clever Russians cheating on slot machines

Possibly one of the most unknowingly ironic articles ever written.

A triple century in T20??!!! Bloody hell. 300 off 72 balls. 39 sixes. Wow. Were they bowling underarm? Was the boundary ten yards away?

The connection between Hayao Miyazaki's film 'Howl's Moving Castle' and the  French Navy of the 1880s and 1890s.

Who said it? Donald Trump or Alan Partridge. (For those of you who haven’t heard of him, the other guy is a comedy character, an incompetent celebrity. I assume everyone knows who Alan Partridge is…)

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