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Ten things I like that begin with 'S'

I got it from wellinghall first

Rules: you comment and I provide you with a letter of the alphabet. You then list 10 things you love that begin with that letter. If you like you can explain why you love them, or provide pictures or whatever. See? Simple.

My letter was 'S'

1. S2000. "A masterpiece, Forget what anyone tells you about Boxsters, Z4s and SLKs - they're all girls' cars. This is a real man's plaything, with 9000rpm on the rev counter, a race-car inspired chassis and no traction control to speak of. Marvellous." - Jeremy Clarkson

2. Serval. Leptailurus serval. My favourite animal. Bunn and I were given a sponsorship of the pair at Chester Zoo as a wedding present.

3. Star Wars. Best science fiction film series of all.

4. Salad cream. Best served with a good quality white sliced bread and unpasteurised farmhouse cheddar to make cheese and salad cream sandwiches - my staple diet.

5. Solomani Rim. The sector of space containing Earth (my home planet), Hiroshi (where I have a baronial fief) and Yeremyh (the planet of which I am marquis) in Traveller.

6. Stilton. King of cheeses. Not the white variety though. I mean, what's the point in white stilton?

7. Sports Interactive. Developers of the Football Manager games.

8. Sinclair ZX Spectrum. Elite, Manic Miner, Lords of Midnight. Those were the days...

9. Sky. 70s prog / classical group originally formed by John Williams.

10. Stevie Nicks. Fleetwood Mac songstress.