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Best in Show

If you know my attitude towards dogs, it might surprise you to know that I actually quite enjoy watching Crufts...

It's nothing to do with the dogs. I couldn't care less about them. It's the people. There's a very good Christopher Guest film about dog shows called 'Best in Show' (think Spinal Tap does Crufts), but in many ways Crufts is funnier.

I don't know what the explanation is for the clothes for example. These people know everything about making their dogs look good and seemingly nothing about making themselves look good. I haven't watched any of this year's shows except for tonight's. Nevertheless, tonight's show had an incredible outfit, being worn by the woman who judged the hounds group. It was a brown suit with a skirt that didn't so much make her 'bum look big in this' as make it look enormous. Where do people buy these clothes? Is there a special department in pet shops that I've never noticed?

As well as the clothes on the humans, another comedy feature is the way that the handlers trot around the show ring demonstrating how much they love their dogs by constantly yanking their heads up to an unnatural angle with the lead. Oh and then there is the annual competition for 'Best doggy friend' or something where some cute disabled child will tearfully explain how much she loves her doggy and all the grannies in the audience will cry, and the very butch female presenter will pretend to.

But best of all is a woman called Mary Ray who has come up with the sort of variety act that would have been rejected on Phoenix Nights (the Peter Kay sitcom). Basically she walks around the ring with her dog...to music. That's basically it. For the more technically complex parts of the routine, she walks around the ring with TWO dogs...to music. And every year, she comes up with a different theme (last year's was James Bond, this year's was Barnum). It is so bad, it's good. Christopher Guest definitely missed a trick by not including her in his film.



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Mar. 10th, 2008 11:00 am (UTC)
'Best in Show' is very good isn't is? As are the other Christopher Guest ones, though IMHO non of them quite match up to 'Spinal Tap'. Maybe it's because I'm a heavy metal fan? Perhaps if I was a folk music buff, or show dog owner, the other films would seem even funnier to me.
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