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Aspects of British Culture Poll Explanation

I asked my non-British readers which of the following (important or perhaps less so) aspects of British culture they were at least vaguely familiar with. Sixteen people took part in the survey, which I think is enough to draw some conclusions. Here are the results of the poll:

Cadbury's Creme Eggs 15
'Carry On' films 9
Slade 3
The Raleigh Chopper 3
Coronation Street 12
Lord Sugar 6
Barbour 6
Marks & Spencer 12
Last of the Summer Wine 8
The Boat Race 9
Clotted cream 12
Ant & Dec 7
White Van Man 5
The chip butty 9
Sir Cliff Richard 8
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British Culture Poll for Non-Brits

For my non-British readers:

Poll #2061146 British culture poll for non-Brits

Which of the following aspects of British culture are you (at least vaguely) familiar with?

Cadbury's Creme Eggs
'Carry On' films
The Raleigh Chopper
Coronation Street
Lord Sugar
Marks & Spencer
Last of the Summer Wine
The Boat Race
Clotted cream
Ant & Dec
White Van Man
The chip butty
Sir Cliff Richard
Dawn over the Tamar

Best British Cheeses

Here's an interesting article with the author's take on Britain's Ten Best Cheeses.

Here's his top ten:

  • Appleby's Cheshire

  • Beauvale

  • Berkswell

  • Cornish Yarg

  • Keen's Cheddar

  • Sparkenhoe Red Leicester

  • Stichelton

  • Stinking Bishop

  • Ticklemore

  • Tunworth

It's a pretty good list. I didn't know about Stichelton, but it sounds interesting. I always think that Yarg is overrated though. Beauvale and Ticklemore may well have made my list.

To that list, I'd want to add:

  • Westcombe or Montgomery Cheddar (the other two proper cheddars, and I feel slightly superior to Keen's)

  • Sharpham - a very soft, brie-like cheese. Ideally left to mature until it can be eaten with a spoon.

  • Elmhirst - like Sharpham, but with added cream. Possibly my favourite cheese.

  • Cremet - a bit like Elmhirst, but using goats' milk.

  • Shepherds Purse Mrs Bell's Blue - very strong, very sharp (especially when mature) blue cheese.

  • Laverstoke Park Farm Buffalo Mozzarella - excellent mozzarella made by the 1979 Formula 1 World Champion. (Yes, really.)

  • Cropwell Bishop Stilton - you can't beat a stilton for melting.

  • Vulscombe - creamy soft goats' milk cheese.

Anyone else like to suggest a cheese?

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Traveller: The New Era

Books read in 2016

My impression was that I read rather fewer books in 2016 than in previous years. Looking at the list, it seems I was right. This doesn't include short stories etc or for that matter all the magazines I read cover to cover. I suspect the main reason for fewer books is that there were a few long slow ones that took me a while to get through.

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