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Aspects of British Culture Poll Explanation

I asked my non-British readers which of the following (important or perhaps less so) aspects of British culture they were at least vaguely familiar with. Sixteen people took part in the survey, which I think is enough to draw some conclusions. Here are the results of the poll:

Cadbury's Creme Eggs 15
'Carry On' films 9
Slade 3
The Raleigh Chopper 3
Coronation Street 12
Lord Sugar 6
Barbour 6
Marks & Spencer 12
Last of the Summer Wine 8
The Boat Race 9
Clotted cream 12
Ant & Dec 7
White Van Man 5
The chip butty 9
Sir Cliff Richard 8
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British Culture Poll for Non-Brits

For my non-British readers:

Poll #2061146 British culture poll for non-Brits

Which of the following aspects of British culture are you (at least vaguely) familiar with?

Cadbury's Creme Eggs
'Carry On' films
The Raleigh Chopper
Coronation Street
Lord Sugar
Marks & Spencer
Last of the Summer Wine
The Boat Race
Clotted cream
Ant & Dec
White Van Man
The chip butty
Sir Cliff Richard

Best British Cheeses

Here's an interesting article with the author's take on Britain's Ten Best Cheeses.

Here's his top ten:

  • Appleby's Cheshire

  • Beauvale

  • Berkswell

  • Cornish Yarg

  • Keen's Cheddar

  • Sparkenhoe Red Leicester

  • Stichelton

  • Stinking Bishop

  • Ticklemore

  • Tunworth

It's a pretty good list. I didn't know about Stichelton, but it sounds interesting. I always think that Yarg is overrated though. Beauvale and Ticklemore may well have made my list.

To that list, I'd want to add:

  • Westcombe or Montgomery Cheddar (the other two proper cheddars, and I feel slightly superior to Keen's)

  • Sharpham - a very soft, brie-like cheese. Ideally left to mature until it can be eaten with a spoon.

  • Elmhirst - like Sharpham, but with added cream. Possibly my favourite cheese.

  • Cremet - a bit like Elmhirst, but using goats' milk.

  • Shepherds Purse Mrs Bell's Blue - very strong, very sharp (especially when mature) blue cheese.

  • Laverstoke Park Farm Buffalo Mozzarella - excellent mozzarella made by the 1979 Formula 1 World Champion. (Yes, really.)

  • Cropwell Bishop Stilton - you can't beat a stilton for melting.

  • Vulscombe - creamy soft goats' milk cheese.

Anyone else like to suggest a cheese?

Books read in 2016

My impression was that I read rather fewer books in 2016 than in previous years. Looking at the list, it seems I was right. This doesn't include short stories etc or for that matter all the magazines I read cover to cover. I suspect the main reason for fewer books is that there were a few long slow ones that took me a while to get through.

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